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Total Solar Eclipse 21 June 2001

The corona


The corona [Lusaka Zambia, 21 June 2001; Canon AE-1]

Here it was, the start of the quickest three minutes ever. Dogs barked, birds roosted, distant people clapped and screamed. We were both shaking. The light was extremely weird.

Meanwhile, Chris was busy with the Canon and the big lens. This is an unprocessed scan of one of our eclipse shots (2 seconds exposure). It doesn't do justice to the reality; the prominences aren't visible, and the corona stretched out much further with more detail. The prominences were easily seen with the naked eye and terrific through binoculars, lacy structures in a beautiful delicate shade of pink.

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Image details

Photographer: Chris
Taken: Lusaka Zambia, 2:13pm Thu 21 Jun 2001
Original format: Scanned from a print
Camera: Canon AE-1
Exposure: 2 sec * ISO400
Focal length: 500mm Tamron lens
Processing: Dust/mark removal; scaling

© 2003 Lee Montgomerie / Chris Terran
All images are copyright and may not be reproduced without permission

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